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Data is a Soong-type, sentient, android, created by Dr. Noonien Soong in the 2300's and activated as of 2338. It is thought that he was deactivated in 2336 on Omicron Theta before an attack by the Crystalline Entity but found and reactivated by Starfleet personel. Since then he sought his place within Starfleet and rose easily through the ranks. His impressive computational capabilities, strength, and speed are only a few of the enhanced skills his positronic brain and mechnical physiology have equipped him with.

"All told, he weighed approximately one hundred kilograms. Data's upper spinal support was a polyalloy designed to withstand extreme stress. His skull was composed of cortenide and duranium. His legs were exactly 87.2 centimeters in length. Data was built with an ultimate storage capacity of eight hundred quadrillion bits (one hundred petabytes, approximately fifty times the identifiable storage capacity of the Human brain) and a total linear computational speed rated at sixty trillion operations per second."

Despite his many advantages Data is far from human. His inability to internalize emotive experiences make human idiosyncrasy and human nature an ongoing puzzle, but as with everything he makes great efforts to experience humanity to the fullest of his capabilities.

[Data is being played from the TNG tv series canon without much input from the movies. I do not own him, or anything related to TNG. All that belongs to Mr. Roddenberry and this is just for fun. Player & character are legal age.]

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